3 Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and How Erectile Dysfunction Pills Can Help

Erectile dysfunction can happen to any man at any age, but it is more common older men. Still, some young men in their 20s have male impotence caused by a number of health conditions. Some young men even get erectile dysfunction from one too many injuries in high school contact sports.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of erectile problems in men. High blood sugar damages blood vessels in the body. This is why diabetics are at risk for severe foot problems and amputations if they do not keep their blood sugar under control. Unfortunately, some of the vessels that are damaged are located in the penis shaft. Many men end up completely unable to maintain a normal erection due to diabetic conditions. Erectile dysfunction clinic

Hormone imbalances are also a cause of impotence. Luckily for men it is easily treated with testosterone and an erectile treatment medication. If the man is having a hormone imbalance that causes depression, then anti-depressants can offer an excellent treatment. These imbalances can sometimes be caused by kidney and liver disease, which can also be caused by diabetic conditions. If a hormone imbalance is to blame for your erectile problems, then it is a good idea to get it treated as soon as possible.

Trauma to the pelvic area or testicles can cause temporary or permanent male impotence in men. This can happen at any time in life, but also happens to men that play rough contact sports such as wrestling and football. Constant hits to the groin area damages the delicate tissue, which prevents men from having a hard erection.

There are clearly many other conditions that can lead to erectile problems, many that doctors do not know about just yet. Erectile dysfunction can occur from your 20s and up, at anytime. Sometimes the penis begins weakening slowly, and other times men awaken one day to find that things just are not the same “down there.” Even though medical conditions are one of the main causes, sometimes it just happens due to age or uncontrollable factors in your life.

Cialis is a well trusted treatment for erectile dysfunction. In conjunction with other medical treatments, men can expect to have an erection that will last during sex without worry of going flaccid. Cialis is safe and works in a similar manner to Viagra. Simple side effects are common, such as headache and nausea as well as upset stomach. These may or may not occur in you when taking Cialis for your erectile problems. With proper treatment you can have a normal sex life filled with energetic penetration and all of the things that were not possible prior to getting treatment. You can regain control over your sex life and experience a whole world of sexual possibilities!